My friend came to me with a unique challenge. Her beautiful handwoven Shearwater Pacific Shoreline wrap had an unfortunate accident and was no longer safe for babywearing. Could I make her a quilt?

The one end had the worst damage but there was small holes throughout the length of the long handwoven wrap.

The graduations are beautiful and I wanted to maintain the artistry of the weaver and create a feeling of being wrapped while snuggling in quilt.

With a little photo magic, I was able to test a few ideas before settling on wrap wide pieces and getting approval on the design.

The one end was not salvageable as the damage was to extensive. I did want to incorporate the remaining holes to save as much wrap as possible and to maintain the story of the quilt. I used a combination of appliquéd handwoven wrap scraps and stitching to stabilize the holes. The flight of the Butterflies was determined by the damage on the wrap quilt pieces.

Quilting with simple lines let the handwoven wrap be the highlight and stand out.

Part of my quilting motto is that imperfections create beauty as this quilt illustrates wonderfully!

I kept the Pacific Shoreline theme on the back using a combination of cottons to reflect the feel of the beach.

My friend was thrilled with the result! I finished just in time for it to be a birthday present for her daughter.

Which babywearing wraps will you always keep? What are your future plans for them?