Pros: I like the wide and short panel. The width makes it comfy for baby and the height makes for easy arms out. Love the simplicity of the minimal webbing straps.

Cons: I can’t get baby up as high as I might like (but I’m very short). The way the panel is shaped at the bottom, it’s as though the strap is split in two which complicated strap length sizing for me (as I modified the strap length to take into account my height, or lack thereof). The recommended 1/2 inch foam isn’t the most comfy on my shoulders. I should prob have used something thicker or higher quality (I used green foam from Joann).

The Wonbu took 4 hours start to finish and is also pretty comfortable straight from the pattern. The only mod I made was shortening the straps by 1 inch. By comparison, I had to do serious mods to other patterns to make it comfortable for me (shorten straps, shorten panel, swap straps position, change strap angle) and not cut off circulation to my arms after 10 mins. 

Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier