I have sewn 4 “bucklebus” prior to receiving this pattern to review so was not intimidated, more excited. However, I can say with all honesty that as long as one has the basics of sewing down this is so incredibly easy to follow. It goes together flawlessly, and is wonderfully organized in a step by step fashion. I really appreciate for the novice the pictures of the hardware, and the direct sourcing for supplies she provides.

There is a similar pattern on the market though the body style is much different, and final fit is very different. Due to my own atypical body style I already knew based on measurements I would need to shorten the straps during my cutting, and assembly. The only other alteration to the original design I by necessity had to make, and this is my only note of caution regarding this pattern is I had to shorten the foam pieces where it is meant to fit under the hardware. I have a machine in the shop that would have tackled this project no sweat, but had to use my back up machine which was not powerful enough to penetrate all the layers. Some people can use their hand wheel and manually guide it through this stage if assembly. That however, was not possible given my machine constraints.

The final product was not only comfy but beautiful as well. I feel its much easier to position the child correctly before wearing the carrier than other brand bucklebus I have tried. I also love the feature of the hardware being sewn on top of something that protects the wearer from “rub”. That can occur with other styles. I also felt this was easier to adjust based on the body the style as well. My son the real tester seem to much prefer this style to the many others I have made and tried.

OnbuhimoToddler Carrier