You have a sewing machine.  You have scissors.  You have a woven wrap that you know you want to shorten to be a smaller size.   It’s scary to cut a wrap the first time, so hold my hand and we will do it together!

First wash and iron your wrap as you want to make sure you get a true size, not one that then ends up after a post-chop bath as regular wearing will make a wrap longer.

chopyourwrapWhen measuring the woven wrap, it is
important to use the
soft tape in hand measurement.


This requires running both the wrap and the soft
measuring tape through your hands as you measure along the rail.  The woven wrap and soft measuring tape should be pulled taut, but not stretched while measuring.  Measuring on a flat surface using a hard measuring tape, ruler or yard stick, may result in a longer wrap than you expect!

The pins mark 80” measured 1-RIMG0028-002with a soft tape in hand compared to 80” measured with a hard tape.  The hard tape would result in a wrap 6” longer than expected.


tapersFor wraps with tapered hems,
you will first need to cut a new taper for the hem. Ensure you cut the tapered hem parallel to the existing tapered hem.

Measure the distance you wish to shorten your wrap, along one rail from the end you wish to chop.  Mark with a pin. Measure the same distance again and mark with a second pin. If the pins are not lining up, re-measure two more times until you have two pins that are in the same position. Repeat on the other rail.

Draw a line across the wrap from pin to pin using with tailor’s chalk or removable fabric marker. Cut with scissors or a rotary cutter.


It’s scary to cut a wrap the first time

Using painter’s tape to mark the line is a method that has risen in popularity.  It may cause thread shifting and warp the cut edge of the woven wrap so I don’t recommend using it.

RIMG0052Finish the raw edges of the wrap with a narrow zigzag
Measure the existing hem to determine the width required. A standard hem is 5/8” (1.5cm). Turn over the raw edge ¼” (0.5 cm) and iron.


chopyourwrap2Fold over a second time 5/8” (1.5 cm) or by the width of the existing hem.  Fold the extra materials in the corners into the hem. Pin in place and press. Edge stitch the hem.

To determine new placement for middle markers on your now shorter wrap, fold in half.

middle markerFor a wrap with tapered hems, fold so the tapers meet in the middle. Mark the middle on both rails with a pin. Unpick the existing middle markers and reattach at the new middle. The technique may consist of unpicking and resewing part of the rail or hand stitching a label, depending on the brand of woven wrap.

Do you want a pdf of this tutorial?  Download it here!