• #sewmystyle – Yona Wrap Coat - The almost finished Yona Wrap Coat by Named Clothing.
  • My Favorite Quilt – Upcycled Fabulous - My husband asked me recently which is my favorite quilt I've made.  This one. 
  • #SewMyStyle – Sunny Dress - The Sunny Dress is the first project of #sewmystyle2018 and my first memade item for 2018.
  • Kram Cardi Review – Perfect for Beginners! - The Kram Cardi, my first crochet cardigan I made by following the Crochet Along by KT and the Squid. A great beginner project!
  • Ready to Wear Fast 2018 - I’m joining the Ready to Wear Fast for 2018! That means I will not be buying clothes and instead repurposing existing items in my wardrobe or making new ones for 2018. Will you join me?
  • Four Hour Sweater, er 12 hour…. - When you see a pattern claiming to take only four hours, how can you resist! It took me 12 hours, but as a beginner I am thrilled with this quick sweater pattern.
  • Shrugs by Mon Petite Violon - I love patterns by Mon Petite Violon. Simple stitches with create intricate feminine patterns. However I could start a shop for all the items I make my daughter that despite choosing material and pattern she won't wear....
  • DIY Fire Mario Costume - Creating my son's vision to be Fire Mario!
  • #sewmystyle – Darling Ranges – Hack Fail - It's easy to write a post about a project that turns out well, much harder to write about the bad ones. In trying to not repeat past mistakes, a whole new set of mistakes was made with this pattern hack fail.
  • Adventures in Crochet – A Beginner’s Tale - I had an overwhelming urge to learn to crochet. We are talking 8pm in the car in the Walmart parking lot on a Sunday night with a freshly purchased skein of yarn and YouTube on my phone trying to figure it out type of overwhelming urge.






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