• Fortnite Costume – The Many Styles of Drift - Drift from Fortnite is the most complex costume I’ve made - but hard to resist when Mini Drift keeps saying he believes in me! The mask is a huge level up in skill for me and I pushed my design skills to mostly self draft the vest and overcoat.
  • DIY Spool Knitting Finger Loom - DIY Spool Loom for Finger Knitting - an easy summer craft to to keep your kids busy. Made with common materials - toilet paper rolls, crayons and elastics.
  • Touch Quilt - Manitoba Alzheimer’s Touch Quilt project, my group of friends came together to create one for a dear friend’s mother who is facing early onset Alzheimer. Touch Quilts provide individuals in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia with an opportunity for sensory stimulation.
  • Beauty from Disaster – A wrap scrap quilting challenge - From a damaged handwoven babywearing wrap to a treasured heirloom quilt.
  • Movie Night Cocoon Cardi - Movie Night Cocoon - the perfect crochet project while watching a movie...or wearing to a movie.
  • Blue Shy Guy, who is that? - Another year for Mario Kart costumes!
  • Flush flush…a toilet costume - Anyone else making a toilet costume this year?
  • #SewMyStyle – Fremont Tote - Finally achieved success in creating the perfect work bag!
  • Upcycled Napkins - Pretty napkins upcycled from fabric samples! Time to stop saving special fabric and start enjoying as a daily reusable item.
  • Estelle and the Fabric Dilemma - Trying to make clothes that are good for the environment is tough! Choosing material for the replacement of my favorite cardigan involves tough decisions.






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