I love to sew and quilt! And I love helping other people realize they too can sew and quilt!

My friends call me “Bonda” (combination first and last names) and my creations “Bonda Productions” which was the early start of Baby Bonda Productions. When my oldest was a few months old, he didn’t sleep well at night but consistently had several long naps each day which allowed me time to sew and create. I started with affordable wetbags, wipes and cloth liners for friends and was soon selling on Etsy.

One of my early soft structured carriers I sewed for myself was very similar to a popular carrier and became known as my Wula, as in a Wanda made Tula.  When the high back carrier onbuhimo grew in popularity, I designed and sewed my own to prove that it couldn’t be comfortable without waist support and instead proved myself wrong!  Originally I marketed the pattern as a “Wonbu” for “Wanda made Onbu”. This name choice was wrong as it perpetuated cultural erasure.  Onbu is a concept for back carrying while Onbuhimo is the traditional Japanese carrier as explained in this article. After gaining awareness of cultural appropriation and erasure, I updated to buckle onbuhimo, however there are still references to Wonbu in older posts.

I’m a dabbler and love to constantly create new things.  My interests are constantly changing as my children grow, these patterns show that journey.

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I hope you enjoy creating as much as I have enjoyed making these patterns to share. Please drop me a line with any suggestions or comments you have!


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