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What level of sewing experience do I need to sew your patterns?

I design easy sew patterns with extra information for those new to sewing. Patterns listed as “experienced beginner” means it is expected that you know how to follow a pattern and how to operate your sewing machine.

I would recommend the Easy Toy Onbuhimo as a first sewing project.

The Onbuhimo Toddler Carrier and the Onbuhimo Toy Doll Carrier are listed as “intermediate” given the increased skill required for sewing through layers of foam and fabric.

Do I need a special sewing machine?

I aim to make patterns that can be sewn on most home sewing machines. You don’t need a fancy machine and with the right fabric, foam and needle choices, you should be able to sew my patterns on any machine.

If you are having troubles with tension while sewing through foam, check to make sure the pressure foot is fully down, which is an reoccurring issue for me.

Are you looking at buying a new sewing machine and want to get the most bang for your buck? Check out Which sewing machine do I need? for key features of different sewing machines.

Where can I buy your ePatterns?

You can buy right here on my website! I chose Gumroad for eCommerce as you can sign up for an account which gives you a library and access to future updates to ePatterns.   You can also buy without creating an account, using Paypal or a credit card.  Plus they have great options for me to provide savings through various offers and bundles.


I started my craft business on Etsy and I love the marketplace and its community.   As a buyer you have access to other customer’s reviews and are covered by Etsy’s buyer protection. In addition, your ePatterns are always stored in your receipt for future downloads. Etsy gives me great tools to provide you savings through coupon codes, gift certificates and great listings features.


Craftsy is geared specifically towards crafting patterns and keeps a library with access to future pattern updates.  However, it doesn’t have a coupon code function.



Can I sell the products I make with your patterns?

Yes, you are welcome to sell toy and other items, that are not babywearing carriers, made from my patterns. I ask that you include a note about the item being a ‘Baby Bonda Productions Design’ on the tag and a link to my website “” or to “” in online listings.

If you would like to sell babywearing carriers made from my patterns, please contact me first as there are additional considerations to address.


Are your carrier patterns compliant?

Carrier compliance with safety regulations is based on much more than the pattern.  It encompasses compliance of materials used in construction, tracking of finished products, labeling and physical testing of the product. It is not required, nor is it feasible, for a sewing pattern to be compliant. If you are planning on selling babywearing carriers, I highly recommend you join BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) for information on meeting baby carrier regulations.   For a summary, check out their post here!