I successfully completed Me Made May by wearing an article of clothing made by me everyday this month. The current circumstances of being able to work from home made this endeavour much easier I have a far larger number of causal makes, than office wear.

I make my own clothes for several reasons.

  • I love sewing!
  • I can make clothes that fit
  • I’m trying to be more environmental sustainable

I am working towards a minimalist capsule wardrobe so many repeats. But I’m happy with the number of items that are still going strong since my return to sewing clothes in 2017.

So here is a summary of what I wore with links to patterns, and where still available, fabric links.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

May 1 – 5

May 1 – Started with a Mommy and Me look!

May 2 – New Horizon Designs Riveria Raglan made with hemp jersey from Kinderel Fabrics. Peeking out are Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings made with hemp fleece also from Kinderel Fabrics.

May 3 – Sinclair Patterns Danielle Relaxed Batwing with bamboo terry from Discovery Fabrics. Bottoms are DIBY Club ABB Leggings (Do it Better Yourself Club – Anything But Basic Leggings) a FREE pattern that is my go to for leggings. They are made with Yoga Stretch from Discovery Fabrics.

May 4 – This is a Megan Nielsen Briar tee I made as part of the first Sew My Style in 2017. The leggings are Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings also part of Sew My Style that year. The fabric for both was bought second hand off the local classifieds.

May 5 – Another 2017 Sew My Style make! Sew House 7 Bridgetown Dress with fabric I found at the local thrift store.

May 6 – 10

May 6 and 9 – I promise, this was washed in between! The top is the free Patterns for Pirates Tulip Tee made using the non tulip piece for front and back. Fabric is sweater knit from Discovery Fabrics. Leggings are Virginia leggings made from bamboo terry.

May 7 – The return of the self drafted romper!

May 8 – Another free pattern! So Sew Easy Empire of the Sun with a thrift store deal of bamboo jersey. I paid $10 for 4 meters!!!

May 10 – Have you notice I love free patterns? This is the free New Horizons Design Key West Tank. It was the first of the NHD patterns I tried and discovered her drafting works well for my body shape. Fabric is lightweight athletic knit from Fabcycle, a reseller of deadstock and fabric waste.

May 11 – 15

May 11 – One of my few woven tops, the free Colette Sorbetto with thrift store found fabric my daughter calls my chicken pox shirt.

May 12 – One of my May makes, the Jalie Loulouxe Skort, made with Solar Stretch from Discovery Fabrics. The pockets are big enough for my phone or water bottle!

May 13 – Another Briar tshirt from Sew My Style 2017.

May 14 – The self drafter romper, this is version one in black bamboo rib form Fabcycle.

May 15 – A complete outfit this day! New Horizon Designs Dublin Dolman in bamboo slub from Fabcycle. DIBY ABB leggings made with Yoga Stretch from Discovery Fabrics are my go to for comfort. A matching Rebecca Page Bralette is hidden underneath.

May 16 – 20

May 16 – Another NHD Dublin Dolman made with thrift store find fabric.

May 17 – A repeat of the Sinclair Patterns Danielle.

May 18 – Another Danielle, this one from sweater knit from Discovery Fabrics.

May 19 – The self drafter romper. Yes, this is super comfortable and a favourite!!

May 20 – A 2019 make I’ve not frequently worn, Rebecca Page Laura from quilting cotton.

May 21 – 25

May 21 – The weather cooled down so out came my Kram Cardi by KT and the Squid, my first large crochet project.

May 22 – The shirt that got me back into sewing clothes in 2016! The Hemlock Tee by Grainline with thrift store fabric.

May 23 – Another free pattern, the SSBC Tonic Tee that I added neckline gathers for a bit more detail. Fabric was more bamboo jersey from the thrift store.

May 24 – The return of the Briar tee.

May 25 – A repeat of the NHD Riveria Raglan.

May 26 – 30

May 26 – Repeat of the romper and Movie Night Cardi.

May 27 – A fancy day! A Colette Sorbetto paired with Jalie Eleonore pants!

May 28 – Repeat of the Briar tee

May 29 – Another SSBC Tonic Tee with a gathered neckline made in 2017. The polyester blend fabric from the thrift store is not lasting and will soon be retired.

May 30 – This shirt is growing on me. The quilting cotton makes this Rebecca Page Laura a bit stiff but I love it with my current hair.

May 31 – A friend sent me vinyls to personalize my Sinclair Patterns Danielle! And this is exactly what I did. Coffee in my pj’s, cotton lycra DIBY ABB Leggings, sewing, and then a run! My running shirt is from my first romper attempt using the Petite Stitchery LAB Lounger. As I made it from a second hand Chitosante knit deal, I chopped off the top to make a new run I shirt. Also my May make Jalie Loulouxe skort.

In doing this month of me-made, I’ve gained a better understanding of what results in clothes that I will repeatedly wear, such as taking the time to adjust patterns to fit right and using good quality fabric.

Here is hoping Me Made May 2021 will be full of office wear!