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What makes a Drift Fortnite costume even better?

A pet! As back bling!

I have learned so much about Fortnite in the past month. My son made a logical argument as to why my rule of no in-app purchases doesn’t apply to Fortnite battle passes as it is more like buying a mini game…


I have discovered how entertaining it is to watch him play. And when he walked up to another player in a Drift skin and pet!! the Kitsune on that player’s back I was all. Ooooh! I need to make the matching Kitsune pet!

So I left a little surprise for him to find the next morning. His very own Kitsune, a two tailed Fox.

I used the cat from Vogue Craft 7760. After modifications to the ears and adding the felt details, I think it’s a close match Drift Kitsune’s mask.

For the tail I self drafted the two tails that are highlighted when Drift skydives and Kitsune holds on for the ride.

And yes, as soon as I made the pet, I was asked to make a backpack to turn it into true back bling.

I made a figure eight from reflective tape and stapled it to a spray painted box. It’s not the sturdiest, but hopefully it will make it through trick or treating!

And yes, Cuddle Team Leader does love Kitsune too. I think there will be an ongoing discussion over whose room it should live in.