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It’s a Fortnite Halloween at our house this year! Does the little sister play Fortnite? Nope!

Does she watched her big brother, aka Drift, play? Absolutely! And when she saw a gigantic pink teddy bear in the character shop she decided to no longer be the toilet again this year.

Me – “So you want me to make you a pink fuzzy onesie?”

Her “Yes!!!”

Me – “And I get to cuddle you while you are wearing a fuzzy pink onesie?”

Her – “Yes!!!”

Well twist my rubber arm!!!

I used Jalie 3244 Footed Pajamas for the onesie. After asking her to try for fit, I couldn’t get it back! She wore it for the full weekend while I worked on her brothers costume. I had to wash it before finishing!

Making a mask that met her approval was the most challenging. I wanted to add a hood with ears and paint her face. Solid no. Same to a hood with the face on the forehead.

After having success using a Kitsune paper mask as a template for her brother’s Drift costume, I started with a kids panda mask.

The paper version was too small (I accidentally printed at 80%) but undeterred I jumped into sewing a panda hat as a tester. I knew she wanted a hood, so I used the Purl Soho Ear Flap hat as a base, added ears and sewed the mask to the front.

She calls this her raccoon hat and was voted not good enough for Cuddle Team Leader!

I started again with the full head panda mask. I thought it was too stuffy and claustrophobic inside but it met her expectations!

In true Mom fashion, I started a felt version at the mask at 7 pm the night before the school dance. I modified the pattern to make the nose more snub and took an inch off the bottom for more air flow. I also cut a breathing hole in the bottom of the nose with a red tongue sticking out.

Success! I finally got her approval. And she wore it for more than 30 seconds!

And here is the crew ready to go to the dance!

Now to completed my costume in time for Halloween night….