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Fortnite takes center stage this Halloween, continuing the video game costume theme from the last few years.

Drift is the most complex costume I’ve made given it has multiple stages. Style 2-5 made the cut this year.

We skipped Style 1 as it is a tank top, which is too cold for October, even on the west coat. Style 2 has long sleeves which made a more logical stating point. I started with a raglan shirt using the Grand Slam Tee by Peak a Boo Patterns and fabric scraps from my collection. Red appliqué for stripes on the sleeves and finished! Quickest and easy…so far…

For the half face mask I used the free pattern from Craft Passion. I turned over the edged to keep it single layer to make it easier to breathe.

The yellow strip was a late addition as Mini Drift insisted it was a key detail.

The gloves were a scaled down version of my own fingerless gloves pattern.

Style 3 was the addition of a red hoodie, which mini Drift wanted made from woven material, not an easy knit sweater. I made the pattern up as I sewed, but did use a blazer pattern as a starting point.

Using a welt pocket tutorial from bag making I added the functional pocket on the right with the white zipper. The other two pockets were trial and error to get the cargo look. (Any one have a good cargo pocket tutorial?)

The mask in Style 4 is the main reason the Drift costume was chosen. After mediocre results on last years mask, I suggested a purchased mask. But mini Drift knows how to convince me.

“But it would look weird to have an awesome homemade outfit and a store bought mask!”

“You make the best stuff Mom!”

“A store one won’t last like the ones you make!”

Searching for patterns introduced me to a whole new world of folded paper masks. So fun! So easy! (more in a future post) I found a pattern for a paper Kitsune Mask as a starting point and used felt to make it more durable.

I spray basted the felt onto heavy interfacing before cutting out the shapes. A zig zag stitch worked much better than glue to hold it together. The decorations nose were based on a coloring page I found online and sewn on with the machine, except for the eyes and nose were hand stitched. Mini Drift better appreciate the hand-stitching as I normally avoid at all costs!

It took a bit of tweaking and finding a few more pictures online to get the decorations correct right. I am down right impressed by how well the mask turned out. And so is Mini Drift – although he did point out that he knew all along that I could do it.

Style 5 is the overcoat. Mini Drift helped pick out the material and we went for ripstop nylon and water resistant twill. Partly because it was the correct color but being moisture resistant will most likely come in handy while trick or treating.

I used the same blazer base as the Style 3 hoodie and added flared sleeves. The top half is made from the black nylon with gold edge binding. The bottom half is the gold with black accents.

I couldn’t find my reflective tape, but will be adding a strip down his back before month end. Partly as it goes with the design, but mainly to make him more visible.

Yes, the overcoat was to have oversized pockets, but I ran out of fabric. And motivation. Who decided to use non stretch nylon??? Mini Drift has not commented on that lack of detail so good enough for this costume!

Update – I added a Fortnite pet, Kistune as back bling! Read more here.

Cuddle Team Leader has a half finished costume but that isn’t stopping her from chasing down Drift with a Boogie Bomb.

What costumes are on your work table this year?