Summer time for us means time at the lake. Time unplugged and time for hand crafts.

Last year finger knitting was a hit with the kids and this year they asked to start again when I pulled out my knitting.

My youngest decided she was not happy with the feeling of yarn on her fingers and had troubles picking up and putting down her knitting.

So I hunted through the cabin and made a spool loom for her!

I used:

2 toilet paper tubes

2 elastics

4 crayons

I shoved one tube into the other to make it more crush resistant. Then used the elastics to hold the 4 crayons in place.

Voila! And easy diy spool loom!

The gauge is good on aran/worsted weight yarn and creates great texture!

She has been happily knitting for the past week! Now to decide what to do with that long chain….

What make-do items have you made for kid crafts?