This quilt looks much different than my usual quilts as it’s purpose is much different.

After seeing an article about the Manitoba Alzheimer’s Touch Quilt project, my group of friends came together to create one for a dear friend’s mother who is facing early onset Alzheimer.

Touch Quilts provide individuals in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia with an opportunity for sensory stimulation.

We are a close friend group but separated by distance. When one is going through tough times it’s hard being so far away.

This quilt was our way of doing something small to try to make a difference.

Friends sent crochet squares, others sent textured materials and the remainder of squares was from my remnants. One friend local to me came over for an afternoon and helped cut squares and put together the top.

We used a heavier home decor fabric on the back to give it a slightly weighted feel.

Many Alzheimer’s organizations have similar projects if you would like to contribute your own quilt!