Do you know who Blue Shy Guy is? Because I sure didn’t and had to do an internet search  when my son requested the costume for Halloween

Turns out he’s a hooded villain from Mario Kart! Simple, right? Goes well with his Fire Mario costume from last year.


I did the hoodie with blue scuba using the Mega Max Raglan pattern. The fabric was a remnant so I made the pixie hood smaller and more pointed as I was a bit short on yardage.

That was the easy part. The mask is version 3. Having dark behind the large eyes was key as the Shy Guy’s face is black. Face paint and white fleece didn’t seem like a good mix, so I found thin black fabric and lined the back of the mask. Right look. Yet vision is not impaired.

This Blue Shy Guy likes to Floss!

Hanging with his sister the Toilet

What fun costumes did you make this year?