My kids are messy eaters. I think they play with their food more than they eat it. After procrastinating for far too long, I finally made fabric napkins!

My first batch was made with 100% linen fabric. The napkins will get softer with each wash, but as they come out of the dryer balled up and crinkly, I’ve been ironing them each time. And seriously, who has time for that?!?

I was musing on materials for a new batch of napkins when I remembered the last fabric sample book I was saving for a special project. The materials didn’t match with the other samples used in my upcycled quilt. So why not make pretty napkins?

For the quilt I had cut off the paper backing on the samples, but this time I wanted the napkins as large as possible. A quick soak in warm water loosened the glue and the paper peel right off! A spin in the wash machine plus a short time in the dryer and the samples were ready for serging.

I love how they turned out!


I am glad to be slowly reducing our use of one time products. We’ve been using flannel wipes instead of facial tissue. The favourites are those upcyled from soft worn out pajama’s.


A zig zag with a sewing machine would keep the material from fraying if you don’t have a serger. Using knit material from t-shirts, sweater shirts and hoodies also make quick easy wipes. Just cut and go as no further finishing is required.

What reusable items do you use in your home?