This post is a wee bit over due.  The September 2017 #sewmystyle project was the Named Clothing Yona Wrap Coat.  I mostly finished 3 months ago, but it isn’t really finished yet.  It still needs buttons and the final part of the lining needs to be hand sewn to the hem.

But I’ve been wearing it for months now, so that makes it finished, right?

I looked for months for the perfect fabric and knew I had scored when I found 4 meters of this wool houndstooth for $10 at my local thrift store. It was the last week of September and nearing the deadline so I made the first lining with black woven cotton I had on hand.

I quickly learned why lining is shiny.

Do you know why?  Because otherwise it doesn’t slide and gets stuck on your shirt when you put your jacket on.  That’s why.  So I unpicked the lining, bought proper lining and refinished the jacket.  Well other than 6 inches of hand-sewing of the turning hole on the hem.

I get a lot of compliments when I wear it and decided to not bother with buttons.  However in doing this photo shoot I’ve decided that it is more flattering when it isn’t tied tight so maybe that will motivate me to finally put buttons on it? Probably not, given how much I dislike doing button holes, but it may happen.


What do you wear that isn’t quite finished?