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Last year I started to crochet. And of course I jumped right from making a cowl to making the Kram Cardi as the point of learning to crochet was to make a cardigan.  Right?

The Crochet Along (CAL) by KT and the Squid was the perfect place to start.  Katy has pictures of each step and links to the tutorials you need. The CAL is set up for 6 weeks.  “Weeks” (er steps?) 3 & 4 took me much longer than a week but overall 3 months to complete the cardigan was faster than I expected!

I love my Kram Cardi!  I’ve been wearing it frequently for the past 6 months to keep cozy and warm in the evenings. The more crochet projects I complete, the more surprised I am at how well this first cardigan turned out.  Possibly beginners luck, but more so I think Katy has written a really great tutorial for a beginner to follow.   There are a few key pieces of advice I ignored, which I won’t in the future.

Gauge – Katy says in week one  “Don’t say oh, my gauge is off so I’ll just follow the instructions for size small to make a medium.”   Did I listen?  NO!  I bought a bulky weight yarn as I loved the colors so I made a best guess based on my gauge test and followed the instructions for an XS and came out with a properly fitting Medium.  It is much longer than the pattern, but to me that is a bonus.

Yarn Weight – this goes along with gauge, but I didn’t understand the difference between Worsted and Bulky when choosing yarn.  I thought the difference between 4 and 5 wouldn’t be that big.  Nor did I realize bigger yarn would mean a bigger sweater.  Seems pretty obvious though, doesn’t it?  But I do love the colors and softness of the Loops & Thread – Barcelona in Lapis and would likely pick it again for a first project.  (Michael’s version of Universal Yarn – Major in Pebble)

Counting stitches – Yes! You have to count each row when starting out otherwise you tend to miss the ends and you get a slowly getting smaller triangle instead of the intended rectangle and have to pull it out and start over.


This cardigan has been a staple in my wardrobe this fall and winter.  I finally washed it for the first time and it held together!  I meant to add pockets, but saving that for the next one.

Kram Cardigan