I’m joining the Ready to Wear Fast for 2018! That means I will not be buying clothes and instead repurposing existing items in my wardrobe or making new ones for 2018.

When I rediscovered sewing clothes last fall, it motivate me to wear fashion that doesn’t have a negative impact to the environment or those making it. Without realizing that a Ready to Wear (RTW) Fast was a thing, I bought minimal new clothing items in 2017.

The unexpected side benefits of extra money in my wallet and less stress from not dealing with constant need to purge my closet are good motivators to continue

For 2017 I joined the #SewMyStyle project which introduced me to many easy to sew items, most of which I love and yet would never have chosen on my own.  Although I didn’t make all 12, I’m back in for the 2018 #SewMyStyle hosted by Jessica Lorraine. This year includes accessories and undergarments!

I did get sidetracked from sewing clothing when I discovered crochet.  My plan is to take on knitting to add more sweaters and cardigans to my work wardrobe.

Are you up for the challenge this year? How about taking a partial pledge with only buying one new item a month?