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When you see a pattern claiming to take only four hours, how can you resist!

And when I discovered Caron Tea Cakes were on sale, it was like destiny was calling for me to try Heart Hook Home Four Hour Fall Sweater.

So Friday night I sat down to Netflix and Crochet.

I made the body from Cornflower. After four hours I had the first main piece finished.  I am a relatively new to crochet, having started 9 months ago, so I really didn’t expect to be done in the first 4 hours.

On Saturday I finished the second main piece in 3.5 hours, and would have been quicker if not working out the color management.  I had naively expected the Tea Cakes would be wound starting with the same color and therefore would just start the second piece with the second cake.  Not sure why I thought that, and it took some time to guestimate where to start.  I made it work but the bottom of the front and back are different.

Sunday was sleeve day and trying to color manage while switching to English Breakfast slowed me down again.  There is a brown I wish I had omitted, but overall happy with the combination of the 2 colours.

I don’t like loose sleeves at the wrist.  I added a decrease ever 2 rows starting at the elbow which worked out to the right thickness. There is a small bumpy weirdness that will likely be fixed when I block it out.

My mattress stitch for the shoulders isn’t quite right.  I really should fix that.  Instead I added a row of single crochet around the neck to help hold it together.


Over all I enjoyed making this pattern and it is a quick pattern to make a pullover.  The lemon stitch has great texture and it easy to follow while watching a show.  I found it difficult to count the rows with the airy stitches and felt I was guessing as to which was a row.  I eyeballed the sleeves to get them close instead of counting.

I used 36 chains to start and would do 30 next time.  It’s not as long as I expected and didn’t need a full hip measurement.  I would also make the back piece a few rows longer for an uneven hem.

It took a little bit less than 3 Tea Cakes for me.

Four Hour Caron Tea Cake Sweater
I’ve worn the pullover every night after work.  Love this coziness of this sweater!

My daughter picked out Blueberry Muffin Caron Cake for me to maker her a version of this sweater.  Given her history of not wearing what I make, I am considering making the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Pullover  for myself instead.