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I could start a shop for all the items I make my daughter that despite choosing material and pattern she won’t wear….

The last edition is the Sweet Little Cardigan by Mon Petite Violon.  I love her patterns! Simple stitches which create intricate feminine patterns.

First I made the Butterfly Shrug. Based on project notes on Ravelry, I sized up the hook. But I had a moment and forgot the original size hook and went up 2 sizes, so it became more of  a short sleeved sweater instead. She has worn it a few times, but was adamant that it needed sleeves.

Mon Petite Violon Butterfly Shrug

Enter Alana by Universal Yarn. Discovered by daughter in a sale bin the weekend I finished the Butterfly Shrug.  Maybe I should have made a wig?

Universal Yarn Alana

I was eager to make another design by Mon Petite Violon and the Sweet Little Cardigan was chosen by my daughter.

Photo by Mon Petite Violon

Again I sized up the hook to make a larger sweater as my daughter wears size 4-5 and the largest size in the pattern is  Size 3-4.  As longer sleeves were the goal, I aimed to see how much of a shrug I could make as I only bought 2 skeins.

With the size 5 hook I feel it made a true size 3-4.  The sleeves are 3/4 length. I originally  added an extra row on the sleeves, but ended up undoing to have enough to finish the front edging.

These are likely the only pictures I will get as she has since declared it “not good”.

If I thought she would wear it, I would love to make another!  I would add a couple more rows to the yoke and more length to the sleeves to get a Size 5.
I love this yarn.  Why is it discontinued?  Is there a similar yarn out there?  The bounce and pooling it created makes my creative center sing.

Mon Petite Violon Simple Cardigan