The confidence my children have in my creative abilities is incredible! The requests often exceed my own confidence in my ability.

Luckily this years Halloween costume request was easy.  “I want to be Mario! But not just any Mario, Fire Mario!”

The hat is key.  Fleeting Thing has a great pattern and tutorial which was quickly approved as “right”. Have I mentioned lately how much I love sewing costumes from fleece?  I love sewing costumes from fleece! No edge finishing, little bit of stretch to help with fit, and forgiving to hide messy seams.

Fire Mario hat

Oh and Fire balls.  Fire balls are key!   I used a softball pattern and and polar fleece. The request was for 10, we negotiated for 3. After being in charge of stuffing the 3, my son was on board with 3 being the right number.

I machine sewed the seams, instead of the suggested hand-sewing, which has already been tested by going through the wash (note the pilling on one ball).

Mario Fire Balls

I looked at a few tutorials and free patterns for overalls and decided it would be best to make red overalls.  Peak-a-boo Patterns Okey Dokey Overalls had the right feel.  I loved making this pattern!  Easy to follow and the fit was great!  I did drop the side buttons as I was informed that Mario does have side buttons.  It works for my slim son.

I made the fireballs first, which ensured I put pockets on the overalls for storage.

I couldn’t find big yellow buttons.  Large wooden buttons painted yellow and baked will hopefully make it through the wash a few times?

Brown shoes from our local mom to mom sale site and Fire Mario is ready to go!

What costumes are you making this year?