In December I had an overwhelming urge to learn to crochet. We are talking sitting in the car at 8pm on a Sunday night in the Walmart parking lot with a freshly purchased skein of yarn and YouTube on my phone trying to figure it out type of overwhelming urge.

Babywearing with woven wraps has given me a new appreciation for different fibres and for the play of colors in finished work. I know the hours of work that goes into weaving before the fun part of throwing a shuttle and have zero interest in tying a gazillion little knots.  Crochet is a much more immediate gratification and picking colors that talk to you to make useful item appeals to the same side of me that enjoys making quilt tops.

The ball of yarn from that Sunday night Walmart trip become my tester for a cowl.  It was crocheted and frogged (new lingo! that means unravel and start again) about 6 times before I found a stitch that matched what was in my head.  Which turns out was a dishrag pattern from a book I purchased last time the urge to crochet hit 15ish years ago.  I was unsuccessful at self teaching that time, but this time between online videos  and help from mother-in-law I managed to make square, not a triangular shape!

I spent an hour wandering the aisles at Michaels, tempted by many color combinations until I was pulled in by the blues & greens of this soft acrylic.

crochet adventures (2)
Work in Progress

Voila!  A cowl!  My first finished piece!

crochet adventures (3)
The finished cowl

I really love these colors and used the remaining yarn to make a simple shrug which has kept me warm on cooler nights this summer.

crochet adventures (4)
Sunny Days Shrug

I’ve since discover local yarn stores and local artists and the quality and variety out there is overwhelming.  Find me on Ravelry to keep up with the many projects I have on the go!

Oh, an that original skein of yarn I bought?  Dishcloths!

crochet adventures (1)