I wanted to sew the Sew House Seven – Bridgetown Backless Dress as soon as I saw the pattern in the Bluebird Fabrics #SewMyStyle schedule. And it did not disappoint!  An easy to sew pattern with easy fitting and versatile styling!  It is not very often you find a pattern that can be made with knit or woven material.

I originally planned to make the pattern from a lightweight cotton woven, but when I saw this cotton knit in my fabric bin I quickly changed my mind.  I paid $6 at the local thrift store and was one of the pieces that were an “aha!” moment on using second hand fabric and a return to a memade wardrobe.  The Hemlock Tee also used fabric from that life changing trip.

This pattern fits well to the body measurements and finished garment measurements on the pattern. I’m pear shaped and I chose a size 10 for the desired finished garment hip size as I was using knit material with stretch.  If I had used the woven, I would have chosen the next size up based on the body measurements to ensure it would sit smoothly over my hips.

It’s a wonderful feeling the first time you put on a finished garment and it fits! I went straight to the garden and had the 4 year old take preview photos.

bridgetown dress

I wore this to work with a shrug and received a number of compliments.  I do think the giant hounds-tooth is one of the reasons it makes such a statement but also many “you made that!?!” comments. I’m working on convincing a few more people to try sewing a garment as that is what this project is about.

I added a camisole to be conservative.  I may try it reversed for a wrap dress look next time.