Welcome to Part II of Quick and Easy – Fabric Gift Bags! Take your gift bag to the next level using french seams to hide the raw fabric edges.

I can sew a fabric gift bag in the time it would take me to wrap a present with paper. This is my go-to version for when the serger is put away or otherwise giving me issues. With the bonus that the hidden seam makes it look like you invested much more time sewing!

Cut your rectangles following the directions in Part I.

With wrong sides together pin the side and bottom. Double check you have pinned along the bottom if using a directional print.

Sew the seam with a 3/8″ (10 cm) seam allowance.


Turn wrong side out and press flat with an iron. Sew the side and bottom with a 1/2″ (15mm) seam allowance.


Fold the top edge over 3/8″ (10 cm) and press.


Fold the top edge over 3″ (8 cm) on a medium or large bag, 2″ (5 cm) on a small or wine bag. Pin in place and press with an iron.

Topstitch in place. I use the side of my pressure foot as a guide along the edge of the fabric on the inside with a stitch length of 3.


Turn right side out pushing out the corners with your finger. Cut a piece of ribbon for the tie.  I find 24″ (60 cm) to be the right length for all bags to get a decent size bow. Fold in half to find the middle. Sew the ribbon on at the seam, just above the top stitching line. Make sure you backstitch at the start and end to ensure the ribbon stays on.


Voila! fabric-gift-bag-34You are done!

Which version do you prefer?

Quick and Easy Fabric Gift Bag – Enclosed Seams