Recently I spent 5 days at home with kids too sick for school, but not sick enough to take it easy. My daughter is big into crafting, but surprisingly, it was my son who kept asking to sew with me!

A quick search turned up a tutorial for a scarf with pockets!  Perfect! Given how much I love polar fleece projects, I had more than enough scraps for both kids to chose from.

I learned more than the kids did with this project. I sell patterns aimed at beginners but this was a new level of beginner for me! We had a few things we needed to do over, but we got there!

I’ll admit that I scanned the tutorial, but mainly used the picture as inspiration. You would think that as a person who writes tutorials I would be better at following instructions.

First we measured my son’s arm span and added 12″ (30 cm).  It worked out to about 60″ (1.5m) and I had a length of polar fleece that length which mean we only had to make one cut.

I held an omnigrid ruler while my son drew a line about 6″ (12 cm) away from the cut edge of the fleece with taylor’s chalk. I had to sit on my hands while he cut the line as it was not straight  deep breath and that’s okay. This is his project.

I also learned that tightening the big screw on the side of my fabric scissors makes them cut much better.  I automatically press them together, which little hands can’t do.  I’ve now tightened all my scissors and the difference is big!

Pinning is great motor development for little hands. He did learn quickly that yes, pins are sharp.

His first attempt at hand sewing including 3 large stitches on both sides. I realized more direction was needed and instead drew dots for guidance. For him I did only on one side, but his younger sister did better with guiding dots on both sides.

I did knot the thread for starting and finishing, but otherwise this was his project. We turned the pockets inside out as that hid the sewing and rough edges.

And he loves the way it turned out!


What was your first sewing project?