I love handmade and the only thing better than handmade is repurposed and upcycled handmade!

Are you looking for ideas for gifts?  Here are 5 of my favorites from my wish list! These items help reduce waste from going to landfills by finding beautiful new uses for materials.

First a little disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links which may result in me being paid a commission, but only if you make a purchase after clicking the link. You will not pay more for these items because you clicked the link.  Unlike links in my other posts, I have not purchased or used these items myself. They represent my wish list (cough dear husband cough). By clicking the links, you are funding my continued development of new patterns and designs.

TNTee – Stacking bracelets Stacking bracelets from repurposed aluminum and measuring tapes

Bracelets that are also measuring tapes! I frequently make the measuring tape necklace fashion statement at home, but these are much nicer. Jenelle makes these from aluminum reclaimed from her husband’s industrial weld shop. You can use them to measure ribbon or other small notions if you wanted.  I think they would also be great conversation starter and a great way to casually bring up your crafting blog or shop.

HEKKAL and Hyde Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag from re-purposed upholstery samples

I have been following HEKKALandHyde this year as I love these bags made from repurposed home decor samples. I sewed a quilt from upholstery samples last year and love finding new ways to use the colorful squares of material.  I keep thinking I’ll make my own bag, but my adventures in bag making have been complete flops and made me fully appreciate Heidi’s one of kind pieces.

Bonspiel Creation Angry Cat Case

Angry Cat case from recycled leather

I can’t resist this case made with recycled leather as Angry Cat looks exactly like my cat Mindy, right down to the “Your sewing is taking away from your adoring me time” look.  Ellen’s choice of Bonspiel for a company name fits right in at this curling household.


OneStop Chevron Necklace

Wooden chevron pendant necklace from salvaged wood

This chevron necklace is made from salvaged wood.  Simplistic, but elegant it would add nice detail to my standard weekend outfit of simple top and jeans. Kori uses the small pieces left over from her husband’s woodworking to make stunning pieces.

Island Java Upcycled Backpack

Backpack from upcycled burlap, jeans and harnesses

This backpack is the ultimate in upcycling.  Burlap from coffee bags, bottom from second hand jeans, hardware and handle from decommissioned Zipline harnesses. And coffee themed, have I mentioned how much I love coffee? Jackie has been stocking up for local markets and I can’t wait to see her other designs.


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