I recently discovered Color by Amber jewelry and bought into the hype of “Feel Good, Do Good” before fully investigating their claims. Is it really as eco-sustainable as they claim  or green washing?  Is “part of the profits” and sourcing raw materials really helping developing countries or is it just savior complex and a bit of fair washing?

I’ve been trying to practice slow-fashion and one of my tricks in investing in versatile jewelry to change a look through accessories.  I do love the lightweight statement necklaces and big earrings which I can wear all day at work.

And I love the pieces with handwoven fabric from Mexico as it reminds me of babywearing wraps.  Now if only I could get a scrap of my custom woven wrap in a piece of jewelry and I’d be set for the years after babywearing.  (I’m still in denial that day will come.)

Although conflicted over the purchase, I decided I needed a better way to store the few pieces that I did buy!

Teal jewelry pouch with yellow and gray dots and gray ribbonFollowing this free tutorial for a 8 pocket pouch I finally found the perfect project for a small piece of fabric I’ve been holding onto for a few years.   It went together quickly and the easily!

I did take a couple of short cuts, as I always wrongly think I know better than the pattern, and that resulted in taking time to undo stitching.  I didn’t measure properly the spacing for the button hole and it ended up too far from the top edge. While threading the ribbon I realized I had sewn the pocket stitching into the ribbon channel and had unpick a few stitches. I also didn’t have the proper cord, instead I folded a ribbon in half and sewed it together.


Overall I’m happy and it was great for keeping my jewelry organized on a weekend trip!

It is smaller than I expected, about the size of my fist when closed, and doesn’t have room for my bracelets. The pockets are too small for statement necklaces. IF I make another, I’d scale it up 50% and make the center circle a 4″ diameter.