Ever sew a seam and it looks good from the top side, but you turn it over and it looks like this? This massive mess of thread also call bird nesting from when the thread is bunching up under your material.

Sewn x-box from the backside of fabric with massive thread bird nests

I bought a Janome Sewist 625e earlier this year to handle the heavier duty parts of sewing baby carriers as my fancy quilting machine, Pfaff Smarter C1100, doesn’t like webbing and throws a diva fit if I make it sew carriers too often. I was very disappointed when the Janome 625e started bird nesting while making x-boxes on the first buckle onbuhimo I sewed.

I checked all the standard items, re-threaded both top and bobbin thread, cleaned, oiled, changed the needle, checked the bobbin and upper tension and nothing I was doing was making it better.  So I took it back to the shop.

Within 2 minutes the saleslady pointed out I hadn’t fully reset the bobbin winder over to the left like this.  Whoops. Apparently my fancy computerized Pfaff C1100 has spoiled me as it tells me when things like this are not in the right spot.

Bobbin winder on a Janome 625e in the proper position to the left

Back to sewing the buckle onbuhimo tonight and I turn it over and what do I find? More bird nests!  ARRGHHH!  First I checked that I had the bobbin winder over.  Not the problem tonight.  Then I went through the rest of the standard list.  There we go, I had moved the tension up to 9 on my last project to sew a seam showing bad tension for one of my tutorials. Again, perhaps I need the fancy computerized machine as it automatically resets my tension

Thread tension dial on a Janome 625e set at 8

Okay, now back at it and this time half the x-box has bird nesting and the rest is fine.  I don’t get it.  So back to the list again but nothing else is working. Know what it was?  I wasn’t putting the pressure foot down all the way.  This little lever?  Yes, I need to push it down all the way after each turn on the x-box.  And yes, my Pfaff C1100 won’t let me sew unless the foot is properly down.

Pressure foot lever on the Janome 625e in the halfway down position
Lever is not all the way down


Pressure foot on a Janome 625e in the fully down position
Lever down all the way










And look, beautiful tension on a x-box from the Janome 625e, when I sew with it properly.

Properly sewn xbox on the back side from webbing with proper tension

I may call the Pfaff C1100 a Diva, but she sure does keep me on track and the little extra bells and whistles save me a bit of frustration.


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