Most ring slings will fit most wearers however, the tail may not be the preferred length.

This is one of the questions asked most often by potential ring sling purchasers. Commonly used words such as small, medium and large and can be confused with the clothing sizes and leave you thinking a ring sling won’t fit.

Using the soft tape in hand measurement along the shorter rail, from hem to rings, is the best way to determine the length of a ring sling.


I like to use the terms short, standard and long as most ring slings will fit most wearers however, the tail may not be the preferred length.

When more of the ring sling is needed to go around the wearer and child, less is left for the tail.  And if less is needed, the more is left for the tail.

If you love a long tail, you will love a longer ring sling. If you want a shorter tail, select a shorter ring sling.

For safety, a minimum of 10” (25cm) of the tail must extend beyond the rings during use.

A ring sling with a tail that ends below the wearer’s knees may be a tripping hazard.

Here are two models showing a comparison of different length ring slings.

collage big

The top model is 5’5″ and wears a size L/XL.  The very short ring sling just meets the minimum 10″ for safety and requires careful tightening each time to ensure sufficient tail extends beyond the rings with each use. The very long ring sling tail is just below the knee; the standard ring sling tail is mid thigh.

The second model is 5’2″ and wears a size S/M.  The very short  ring sling tail is to the waist. The very long ring sling tail touches the ground and is a tripping hazard.  The standard ring sling tail sits just above the knee.

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