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I design easy to sew patterns with extra information for those new to sewing and that can be sewn on most home sewing machines.

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Fortnite Costume – The Many Styles of Drift - Drift from Fortnite is the most complex costume I’ve made - but hard to resist when Mini Drift keeps saying he believes in me! The mask is a huge level up in skill for me and I pushed my design skills to mostly self draft the vest and overcoat.
DIY Spool Knitting Finger Loom - DIY Spool Loom for Finger Knitting - an easy summer craft to to keep your kids busy. Made with common materials - toilet paper rolls, crayons and elastics.
Touch Quilt - Manitoba Alzheimer’s Touch Quilt project, my group of friends came together to create one for a dear friend’s mother who is facing early onset Alzheimer. Touch Quilts provide individuals in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia with an opportunity for sensory stimulation.



Loved this pattern! SUPER easy to follow and sew. I made three in one night and my kids love. Easy Doll Carrier


Thank you! I was nervous to convert my wrap on my own but your pattern was very easy to follow and I am SO happy with how it turned out! 😀 Ring Sling Wrap Conversion  


The popular “Baby Ring Sling Tutorial – Sew your own baby carrier” tutorial is now available as a 9 video class on Skillshare!

Woman wearing a toddler girl in a striped ring sling