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I design easy to sew patterns with extra information for those new to sewing and that can be sewn on most home sewing machines.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in while you browse through Patterns or  Projects for your next (or first) sewing project.

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Kitsune – Fortnite Pet - All the best Fortnite costumes come with pets as back bling, right? Drift needed his pet Kitsune to join him on his many adventures.
Fortnite Costume – Cuddle Team Leader - How could I say no to making a fuzzy pink teddy bear costume? Cuddle Team Leader may be a video game character, but this version is gaining me lots of fuzzy cuddles.
Fortnite Costume – The Many Styles of Drift - Drift from Fortnite is the most complex costume I’ve made - but hard to resist when Mini Drift keeps saying he believes in me! The mask is a huge level up in skill for me and I pushed my design skills to mostly self draft the vest and overcoat.



Loved this pattern! SUPER easy to follow and sew. I made three in one night and my kids love. Easy Doll Carrier


Thank you! I was nervous to convert my wrap on my own but your pattern was very easy to follow and I am SO happy with how it turned out! 😀 Ring Sling Wrap Conversion  


Check out the BESTSELLER Easy Doll Carrier pattern!

No buckles, no foam, no webbing needed. Quick and easy to make with 5/8 yard (0.5 metres) of material.

No tying and no buckles means young toddlers can get babies on the back on their own. A built in pocket gives the option for a secure carry even with smaller dolls.

Designed with extra information for those new to sewing carriers, this a project that you can make if you have basic sewing skills.