You can make it: Easy to sew patterns turn “I wish I could” into “I made it!”

I design easy to sew patterns with extra information for those new to sewing and that can be sewn on most home sewing machines.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in while you browse through Patterns or  Projects for your next (or first) sewing project.

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Upcycled Napkins - Pretty napkins upcycled from fabric samples! Time to stop saving special fabric and start enjoying as a daily reusable item.
Estelle and the Fabric Dilemma - Trying to make clothes that are good for the environment is tough! Choosing material for the replacement of my favorite cardigan involves tough decisions.
#sewmystyle – Yona Wrap Coat - The almost finished Yona Wrap Coat by Named Clothing.



Lovely pattern and good instructions!   Easy Doll Carrier


Thanks! This will make a great grand daughter gift!     Easy Doll Carrier


The popular “Baby Ring Sling Tutorial – Sew your own baby carrier” tutorial is now available as a 9 video class on Skillshare!

Woman wearing a toddler girl in a striped ring sling